Luum /lʏm/

The algorithmic mechanisms at work in nature generate shapes which seem to resonate with us so effortlessly.  The Luum light pendant is an exercise in the application of those mechanisms.  While paying homage to Mid-Century European modernist design, Dutch designer Sander Bakker manages to capture the contemporary aesthetics of algorithmic/parametric design.

Luum’s pure white appearance softens once switched on.  It reduces the often harsh light of modern light bulbs into a pleasant glow.  Its exceptional material quality is complemented by the quality of the provided hardware, including the award winning CableCup ceiling canopy.

Production of Luum’s parts and the careful assembly by hand is done entirely in the USA. The first edition of fifty lamps is signed, certified and numbered by the designer.  Material: High Density Polyethylene. Height: 15”(38cm). Width 15.5”(40cm). Cord length 6’(183 cm). Longer lengths available on request. All ceiling mounting hardware is included. A bulb (max 60W) is not included.

$325 + shipping

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