Kiem /kēm/

Kiem is a hospitality grade cordless table lamp, commissioned by NOBU, one of the world's most recognized restaurants. It is known for its exquisite Japanese cuisine and its celebrity owner Robert De Niro.

Kiem's design is based on the original Blom table lamp. However, it has been shrunken to fit unobtrusively on a restaurant table. In addition, it features a base cut out of a solid piece of North American Black Walnut. The inside of the lamp has been engineered to be splash water proof, and can therefore be used in- or outdoors. Kiem is manufactured in our studio in California, as are all our designs. Unlike its bigger brother Blom it comes fully assembled.

The light source is provided by Hokare Ltd., a leader in the field of cordless hospitality lighting. Kiem uses their top of the line Lithium-Ion powered LED lamp, which can provide up to 48 hours of pleasantly warm light on a single charge. Alternatively, a multi color light source is available, along with a range of custom designed professional charging solutions.

Height: 7.5”(188mm).  Width: 6” (155 mm). Materials used: High Density polyethylene and North American Black Walnut.

Price available upon request