Blom /bläm/

The shape of the Blom table lamp relies on the subtle interaction between its leaf-like parts, the way a flower is formed by its petals. Its design is inspired by the process of growth, which underlies the emergence of shapes in nature. Traces of this approach can even be found in the striking grain pattern on the legs.

A cloth covered cord provides a splash of color and a hint of nostalgia. The modernist design of the “Rompitratta” switch is by legendary Italian designer Achille Castiglioni. He credited the design from 1968 as his proudest.

An innovative assembly design allows for a significant reduction of the shipping size. It is part of a strategy to minimize the environmental impact of the Blom table lamp, which includes prudent use of materials and efficient digital manufacturing. In addition, the packaging is mostly recycled and doubles as the assembly manual

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Height: 14”; Width: 11”; Materials used: High Density Polyethylene and reconstituted veneer wood.

150 USD + shipping

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